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Excerpt from a parent email:


"Thank you Katie! This week has been pretty hectic with baseball championship/ school year wrap up/ etc etc. It has been incredibly helpful to Jared to have these tools and reminders to ground himself. 


Anyway, just to say that I really appreciate all you are doing with him and the joy and tools he seems to take away from your time together."

                                                     -Jane Anne M.

I believe that the sessions provided my children with a platform to practice their mindfulness in a loving trusted environment which encouraged their practice and use of the strategies. Katie is their teacher, their coach and their friend. Katie struggled through the challenges of mindfulness with each child (ages 12, 10, and 8) with their own individual paradigms in a patient and understanding approach.

The experience is above and beyond my expectations. My children depended on and looked forward to their personal sessions in which Katie was able to cater to their individual needs.

The experience was a relief to know that my children were in the hands of a great person and friend (to them and myself) who wants to understand them and support them in the best way possible. It was a relief to know that someone else was picking up the slack where I couldn't anymore. And, it was a relief that Katie could provide a varied angle from my own for my children to experience.

As we continued with the sessions, their teachers did report growth in their ability to manage their emotions with breath and mindfulness. I noticed at home that they would guide me as well through my own feelings which is most often appreciated.

                                                                                           -Brooke L.

Image by Melissa Askew
Image by Johannes Plenio
Image by Johannes Plenio

"Katie’s mindfulness teachings have proven relevant in my everyday life.  She gives me insights and practical adjustments that help me operate my mind and emotions in a way that is in alignment with how I would like to experience my life.  This makes me happier, healthier and more effective in the work I do."

                                                     -David K.

"I have known Katie for three years and I have witnessed how she brings mindfulness and meditation into her own life and spreads it to others. I had the opportunity to do a meditation workshop with Katie, and it reminded me of how important meditation is in my life. Katie was wonderful at reminding me that meditation can be done anywhere, at any time, and I can ease into it. There were no mistakes, just noticing. Katie gave many different techniques and ways to meditate and be mindful. It encouraged me to try things out and also to use what I know is useful for my body. Katie gave me the gift of being mindful. She is so easy to follow because of her calm manner, her ability to really listen, and her willingness to connect and give. I am so happy that Katie started this career and is able to bring this to others."


In gratitude,

Anna Blakeslee

Image by Silvestri Matteo

"Katie Fleetwood  is phenomenal and a true gift to our world and I highly recommend taking any classes with her!!"

-Neely B.

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Our 7 year old son began working with Katie within a small COVID study pod in late 2020.  Her gentle happiness and calm temperament was an energy our child warmed up to immediately.  Katie understands the high energy of young boys and realizes that it is ever-present, so she allows for appropriate outlets throughout the day so kids can get their wiggles out and return back to learning. 


Over time we saw great improvement in our child's reading development, and recognizing that the learners in the pod loved to play, she utilized game scenarios in a math context to keep everyone engaged with what they were doing in a particular lesson. 


In a one-on-one capacity, Katie is patient and encouraging.  Whenever we witnessed that work happen during an individual tutoring session, it was wonderful to see how much productivity she could get out of our little guy.  Whether it was reading comprehension, writing exercises, math or creative play, our son kept his interest in what they were doing together; something that he would frequently resist or get distracted from when working with his parents.  Any redirection she gave was gentle and kind, and our son would feel good about his accomplishments at the end of the day.

Katie has created a rich method of teaching that blends academic lessons with a mindful philosophy.  The outcome is a calm and open learning environment for kids to be themselves, to advance their learning and be productive, and to develop a mindfulness skill-set at an early age that is a massive enrichment to their character development in a hectic and crazy world.

                                                  - Mike M.

By learning mindfulness, I feel "calmer and have less big reactions. Then when I get mad, I don’t get super duper mad, so I don’t get in trouble."


Meditation is "a good thing to do in the morning because it gets you ready for the day and starts your day off with something good. Or, you have an intention for the day so you can focus on something."

                                                -Kai, age 1010

Jumping in Puddles
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I gained a better understanding of meditation, different kinds of meditation and mindfulness practices I can do, and how to apply these principles to my life in general, not just my meditation practice. I found your follow up emails valuable. I keep a folder of all your emails with what we went over in our sessions so I can look back at them. Your slideshows were very well put together. I really was interested in working one on one with a meditation teacher to really dig into the weeds and the slides did that . It is definitely much easier to meditate now and I have much less anxiety when it comes to mindfulness practices. Thanks so much for working with me. It really helped me more than you know. I value people in my life that serve different roles and you served the role as my meditation teacher perfectly. I hope we can continue sessions some time in the future.

                                                                    -Alex S.

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