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Hello There!

I’m Katie, the human behind Inhale Exhale Connect. About 11 years ago I discovered meditation, and have been on a journey of self discovery ever since! (Let’s be real, though….I found meditation because I was already on a path of self discovery! But it never unfolds in a linear fashion- it all gets intertwined and tangled together as we go!)

I have a background in education, and have worked mostly as an elementary school classroom teacher off and on for the past 18 years. I had a little stint in middle school as well, and that…..that could be its own entire book filled with stories of horror, humor, and lots and lots of personal growth!

In 2020, I started my business, and have been teaching mindfulness and meditation ever since! I teach children and adults, individuals and groups, families and parent/child duos, teachers, and anyone else who is a right fit.

The purpose of my blog is to share my personal journey with my own practice. Some of the questions I’ll answer include:

How does my mindfulness and meditation practice impact my daily life?

What are the benefits I notice personally?

What do we do when you sign up for sessions with me?

How does my mindfulness and meditation practice shape my worldview and influence my decisions and choices?

And much more, which is yet to unfold!

Thank you for being here and for reading what I have to share. Reach out if something resonates!

I love to connect!!


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